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Client References

Harshaw Research, Inc. provides a full range of services related to new product development, including concept design engineering, prototyping, patenting, and commercialization. In some instances, “Success” may be measured in terms of Return on Investment and beyond. In other instances “Success” means a “job well done” or moving an “idea” a step closer to “reality.”  At Harshaw Research, we like to measure success in the actual words of our satisfied clients.  We have grouped the actual words of our inventors by the type of service provided to them for your convenience.  Every testimonial should be read in the context of the service provided.

Concept Design Engineering

Special thanks to Dale Ream and Harshaw Research for their expertise in filing our patent applications for our new "TomCat Target System". Thanks to Dale's efforts we went from filing our patent applications to product concept development, acquiring a manufacturer, to having the finished product in our hands in 45 days! This is not typical for most inventions, Dale and I worked together on my first patent application and I knew what he needed and provided all the necessary inform ation to him.

I commend Dale for his quick actions, he knew time was a factor for us and was quick to file for us.

And thanks to Dale's expert marketing advice, our product will be in Cabela's Spring 2012 Shooters Catalog! I would strongly recommend using Harshaw Research, Dale has been a mentor to me over the years, and has always been available when I had questions to ask. His guidance has been extremely helpful to fulfilling our goals in very tough economy.

This is the second time doing business with Dale and Harshaw Research. There are Sharks out there waiting to take Inventors money by promising everything and doing nothing, been there, done that, Dale and Harshaw Research are the Real Deal when it comes to Inventor's needing help and guidance for what to do, and how to do it. They are very professional and you get your money's worth! And a whole lot more!

James Jones - President
Slammer Hunting Innovations, Inc.

Harshaw Research really went way beyond what someone could expect. Anyone who would use any other company just does not know about the dedication you put into each client. I will think of a way to get that msg. out to people because in a industry like this one, Harshaw is a rare breed. 

When I visited their office in Kansas, I met with Dale and his staff for hours talking about my idea. I got the good and the bad from them. They even told me if my product is successful it would be year before I would see any money. Other firms I had called made me picture it raining money fast. I then got a tour of the place where I saw the state of the art equipment and got a demonstration of how it worked.  

Dale is a man you do not find in the invention industry everyday. He is an honest man with values that I began to admire.  Anyone who would think otherwise is probably just mad that there idea did not make it to the market and want to blame someone else. Dale is a man that stayed true to his word in all the years we worked together.     

Vincent Sellecchia
Pomona, NY

“I feel very fortunate that I found Harshaw Research and Dale Ream.  Dale is an exceptional patent attorney who is always quick to respond and pays attention to every detail.  Dale has fought for my patents on numerous occasions and has provided incredible insight into patenting and licensing of my inventions.  I highly recommend this group without hesitation.  I have been working with them for over 3 years and I have never been disappointed!”   

Brian Stearns, Founder of Fuzzee Bee Beverage Company

That is GREAT news Dale. The argument you prepared in appeal was brilliant and obviously led to approval of the trademark. Also a very professional job in preparing the SOU. Thank you so much for the addition of the "Patriot Light" trademark to our intellectual portfolio. Great job,

Sunlight Manufacturing, Inc


I want to thank you and your team at Harshaw Research for a job well done.  I am more than pleased with the outcome of my invention and excited to bring my patented product to market.  Harshaw Research has been instrumental in helping me bring my idea to life.  At every stage of the patent process Harshaw Research has been there to guide me and has consistently produced high quality work. 

The professionalism that Harshaw Research demonstrated at each step of the process far exceeded my expectations and it was a pleasure to work with you.  Thanks again for all your assistance and I will definitely be contacting you when I am ready to bring my next invention to market.

Chris Mueller

The product we have now is better than my original intent.  I believe that Harshaw has structured the patent in such a way that others would have a difficult time designing and manufacturing something similar.

Neil Box
Dickinson, TX

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Commercialization & Licensing

Click to see the actual Success Story behind these and other Testimonials.

I am the inventor of several unique and innovative packaging systems. I have used HRI for many years and have found Dale Ream and the entire HRI staff to be both honest and extremely competent. The assistance in both Concept Design Engineering and Patent Services has been excellent, and very professional.

In addition I have used the HRI Commercialization process to facilitate Licensing my Patents and have enjoyed a substantial Licensing revenue for several years and continue to receive monthly income from my inventions. I would definitely reccomend both Dale and HRI as they have accomplished much on my behalf.

John E Pollock
Garnett, Kansas

Kern Sales And Marketing Company
4920 Pebble Lane, Wamego, KS 66547
(785) 456-9525  (FAX) 785-456-7345

To Whom it May Concern:

I have been associated with the Harshaw Group for nearly a year.  They have been extremely helpful in product, patent and market development.  I believe they are people of high moral character and represent a firm committed in helping people reach goals that are generally unattainable without professional help.

I would heartily recommend them to you if you need assistance in these areas.

Best regards,
Bill Kern
Wamego, Kansas

I used Harshaw Research to file a utility patent for my new product, the Laser Bore Sighter. They provided the services of their company to help with the processes of filing my patent. They actually came up with other idea's that I hadn't thought of, Dale never told me that my idea was the best thing since sliced bread nor that they would be successful in marketing my idea, only that they would give it their best efforts.  Now, have I made more money than I have spent with Harshaw? No not yet. But my first production order is on its way and will be arriving the first week in September by my manufacturer which Dale negotiated a deal with to do my manufacturing at no cost to me. We have product just in time for this fall season. Dale also filed another patent application for me on another product for a fraction of the costs.  If I needed to talk to Dale about anything I would call or send him an email. He would answer as soon as he could, not any problems with communication, whatsoever.  I would highly recommend Dale and his company to anyone who asks about a good patent attorney or company to do business with.

James Jones
Black Rock, Arkansas

I would recommend the services of Harshaw Research, Inc. to anyone interested in developing their product ideas.  HRI’s engineers helped me refine my idea for a thermal rotary vent drive and then to patent it.

HRI then worked for several years contacting countless manufacturers on my behalf and seeking licensing of the patent rights.  Although licensing never occurred, I am very pleased to have worked with HRI and have found them to be very competent and honest.

I would recommend them to others who need assistance with engineering, patents, marketing, or prototypes.  I am now using the assets I got while working with HRI as I am now working on my own directly with a manufacturer to see my product produced and sold.

Eddie Godsey
Schertz, Texas

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Click here to view many of the actual prototypes
for which these testimonials were given. 


I have received my prototype from Harshaw Research Group and to no surprise I was completely satisfied with its quality, craftsmanship, and its function ability.  In the first few conversation that I had with you I was sold on allowing Harshaw Research Group to go ahead with fabrication of my prototype, because of the confidence and guarantee of excellence that you yourself spoke about, I believed that you held your entire company to those standards.  The team that was assigned to build my project gave me no doubts that each step of the way would be done in excellence.  The designer worked with myself and your patent attorney to make sure that it was going to be built to my satisfaction and that it kept in line with my patent.  During the entire process the customer  service was excellent, I would recommend highly that any individual that may have a picture in their head or a patent that’s only on paper allow H.R.G. to bring it into reality and move forward to that next step of success.  I look forward to working with your company again on the next step and on future endeavors.

Thank you,

Inventor and Patent Holder

You guys did such a good job!!! I can't tell you what a feeling it is to see these pics!! I'm so impressed with the packaging, etc ...I guess I'll have a registered trademark after all! I can't wait to show it to the different hospitals.

Cindy M.
Crestwood, KY


Many thanks to you, Dale and all your technicians for your excellent work on the prototype for my “Bomberang” invention.  The attention to detail was outstanding and although I was not sure what to expect, the beta prototype as well as the presentation unit were beyond what I would have thought possible in the time you had to create theses.

I am amazed at the equipment and system you use and the way that you can go from a CAD representation on the computer to an actual solid of the “real thing” in a single step.

I am still battling the promotion, sales, and all the next steps involved in hopefully making some money on this thing but this prototype is a big step in getting me on my way.

We’ll see what the future brings as far as this product goes, but I want to thank you again for your efforts, the high quality of the final piece, and quick delivery on “my baby” (no pun intended).

If I need assistance in the future with additional prototyping on this piece, variations of it, or on another idea, I know where to turn.

Thanks again,

Steven Christensen

Dear Gentlemen:

I just wanted to write a brief note sharing my enthusiasm and offering my many thanks for producing a top of the line, truly remarkable prototype for the Seatbelt Release Protector project.  It is more than I hoped for not only in design, form, fit, and function, but also in quality.  So often, you hear of invention assistance firms and companies taking advantage of inventors and offering to produce a prototype that turns out to be of poor quality, or does not match what the inventor requested.  This is not the case with Harshaw Research, Inc.  You have surpassed my expectations and met my requests on all levels.  You have made my dream a reality!  Many, many thanks to each of you for all of your work and assistance.  I look forward to making millions with you!


Kelly M. Ector-Posey
Cincinnati, OH


I want to personally thank you and your team for all the hard work and diligence on my baby product ideas. The thought of my ideas becoming an actual reality is quite exciting. I can not wait to see my fully functional prototype and getting this idea to market this year.

I also wanted to thank you for always responding to any thought or question in a professional and timely matter. I look forward to our continued business and future success.


Paula Roeske

I am writing to you here a letter of thanks. I am more than extremely happy with the prototype that the Harshaw Research team has built for me and am very pleased to write to you and express my gratitude. My invention has come out even better than I envisioned it in my head. Only with the professionalism and patience that you and your team have presented would this have been possible. I will recommend the Harshaw Research team to anyone that I talk to about building inventions and such related conversations. I hope to continue this relationship for a long time and I truly appreciate the process and genius on your side of the partnership.
Talk to you soon!


Matt Von Klemperer
Morristown, NJ

About one year ago, I searched the Internet for people or firms who could make a prototype of one of my designs.  I found and read Harshaw Research’s web site, and quickly decided to contact them with a phone call.

From the first call to the last correspondence it has only been a pleasure to work with the people at Harshaw!  They have been nothing but respectful, efficient and very helpful.

This was the first prototype I have had made in the U.S., so the experience could easily have become intimidating.  I was reassured that everything would go fine, and that my drawings were absolutely good enough for the group to work with. 

They kept in constant contact with me, and after a while, I felt I had become friends with them. 

The final drawings and the prototype were received here at my address within two months form I contacted them.  As one of the parts were broken by the shipping, they quickly replaced it with another shipment.

I can say nothing but good about the experience, and I would recommend Harshaw Research to my best friend, without a doubt!

Christina Hetleoen
Katy, TX

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